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ENglish 101.08 paper 3 - Marcus Wright English 101.08...

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Marcus Wright 11/01/07 English 101.08 The People She Met Made Her No matter who you are, the people you meet have an effect on you. Whether it is a teacher, or a doctor, or even a random person walking down the street, people affect the person you will become. In Coming of Age in Mississippi, Anne Moody meets a lot of people who affect her, not only the lifestyle she begins to live, but they also shape what type of woman she will become. In Coming of Age Ms Moody, meets a collection of people some black, some white, but all together people who influence her feelings about her surroundings. Some characters, such as Ms. Pearl, Ms. Rice, and Anne Moody’s Mother, help shape who the Woman Anne Moody Becomes. These influential women are just some of the reasons why Anne becomes such a strong person and decided to fight civil rights. Sometimes it’s not who you know, but what the people you know teach you. Ms. Moody becomes a very different person, in the time that she is living in. not only does her mind out think many her age, or older, but she also attempts to defy some laws of society. These things are not don’t on purpose; some of her actions are influenced by remarks and comments of people she encounters. A big part of her identity comes from a woman by the name of Miss Pearl. Ms. Pearl, Raymond’s mother, “a stout lady with long thin straight black hair and very thin lips… like a slightly tanned white woman,” (26) doesn’t like dark skinned people. Her belief is that because her skin is lighter
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ENglish 101.08 paper 3 - Marcus Wright English 101.08...

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