ENglish 101.08 paper 2

ENglish 101.08 paper 2 - Marcus Wright English 101.08 A Man...

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Marcus Wright 10/03/07 English 101.08 Van Dover A Man Not Heard To me, spoken word is an art form which has taken over the New York tri-state area. With poets taking their ideas off paper and allowing them to reach ears, we have opened a new world for entertainment. Like many fields, there is always someone who reigns supreme. In hip hop, arguably it can be Jay-Z. In sports, the two greatest players to ever play the game could quite possibly be Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. In the poetry world it is no different. Keseed Ragian is or could be the best in the business. He has the ability to make you think your apart of his poems and this is what draws you into his performances. With all that, he also writes about controversial topics that make you want to listen. If Lupe Fiasco is an under rated rapper in the world of hip hop, then Keseed is one of the deepest humans swimming in shallow water. “I don’t care what you think cousin, I’m saying what I’m saying, I ain’t dumb down nothing!” are the words of Lupe Fiasco, a controversial rapper who has not been accepted by the rap community because his lyrics hold too much thought. A man once said, “When you
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ENglish 101.08 paper 2 - Marcus Wright English 101.08 A Man...

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