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Lecture Notes 9.13.07

Lecture Notes 9.13.07 - b What advantages from it 2 Any...

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POLI SCI 220 9.13.07 I. What should have been done about the dilemma of the snail darter? A. Differences between biocentric and anthropocentric views? Agrarian v. scientific conservation? Leopold v. Singer? B. Precautionary Principle 1. How would it have applied? a. dam would not have been built, as the dam’s consequences could not be adequately guessed.
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Unformatted text preview: b. What advantages from it? 2. Any disadvantages? a. In the case of the dam, the problem wasn’t as bad as everyone feared. Fears were unfounded. C. Cost-benefit analysis 1. comparing all the advantages and costs of a decision so that it reconciles everything. 2. How would it apply? a. Benefits from dam...
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