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POLI SCI 220 10.4.07 Biodiversity and Conservation II: The Everglades and the Amazon I. Political Interests A. What interests would they have in protections for the Everglades? 1. Environmentalists a. Motivation i. aesthetic ii. tourism iii. biodiversity iv. clean water b. Means i. mobilize the public ii. legislative iii. marketplace- raising money, buying land iv. expert environmental scientists 2. Army Corps of Engineers a. Motivation i. Congress ii. building grants associated with environmentalism
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Unformatted text preview: iii. national security, environmental security b. Means i. strong backing from Congress ii. “status of expertise” provides more credibility iii. they’re not really that powerful; clash of interests B. What interest in resisting protections? 1. Sugar Industry a. Motivation i. competition with less rigidly regulated areas ii. profits; want to minimize costs...
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