Lecture Notes 9.11.07

Lecture Notes 9.11.07 - POLI SCI 220 9.11.07 I....

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POLI SCI 220 9.11.07 I. Environmental Law and Policymaking as a Political Process; TVA v. Hill A. Snail Darter Story 1. Background a. The TVA was created to be a public utility (providing electricity), and also to provide flood control. b. In the 1960s, TVA decided to develop a dam at the Tellico reservoir c. Farmers and Cherokee Indians were opposed, as water would be displaced. d. Dam and Tellico lake were completed in 1969 e. National Economic Policy Act revolutionized policy-making, requiring environmental impact statements for all federal projects, and was enforced by courts to make sure the project passed a cost- benefit judgment. f. Farmers, Cherokees and environmentalists challenged the environmental impact statement, and managed to prohibit further building until a more appropriate environmental impact statement was procured; dam was forced to stay open although it was almost completed. g. Endangered Species Act required Fish and Wildlife Service (a
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Lecture Notes 9.11.07 - POLI SCI 220 9.11.07 I....

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