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B&S 0 - -order comes from governing arrangements such...

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REALISM -main actors are states -human nature is fixed and (crucially) selfish -struggle for power; maximize national interests -order is preserved through balance of power -bargaining and alliances (diplomacy) key -most important tool is military force -Neorealism: emphasizes structure of international political system, moving towards multipolarity LIBERALISM -moderate version of Idealism -also called pluralism -humans are perfectible through democracy -ideas matter, strong belief in progress -war not a natural condition of world politics -see corporations, transnational actors (terrorists), international organizations as important actors -stress cooperation; interdependence -national interest not just military; also economic, environmental and technological
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Unformatted text preview: -order comes from governing arrangements such as laws, norms, and regimes. MARXISM-also called structuralism or world-system theory-world capitalist economy-most important actors are classes, not states-states, corporations and organizations are in the dominant class.- world politics is not a conflict of nat’l interests, but a setting where class conflicts occur.-world divided into core, semi-periphery and periphery-dominance and sovereignty of states not important; international capitalism is. CONSTRUCTIVISM-a new and optimistic perspective-world can be changed, and human (individual) agency has a great potential role.-people shape world; human progress possible-to say change is not possible is a decision not to change....
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B&S 0 - -order comes from governing arrangements such...

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