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IR 210 Session 31

IR 210 Session 31 - wishful thinking 9 People cannot...

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IR Lecture Notes 5.13.07 Session XXXI Learning Objectives: -System Maintainer/ Realism -Foundational voices I. Thucydides- what do we learn from the section of the Melian dialogue? A. Nine of Thucydides’ contributions to realist thinking 1. Power always wins over ethics. War caused by Athens is a challenge to the balance of power. a. great powers use prudence and seek to negotiate to avoid war with other great powers b. great powers use coercion, force and dictation on lesser powers. 2. Importance of image and integrity; follow rules and expect others to follow them; reciprocity 3. Security dilemma and the importance of the structure of the system 4. Security dilemma arms race 5. Limits of treaties and alliances 6. In balance of power, if one power feels chance for hegemony they will go for it. 7. Only the weak resort to moral arguments 8, Great powers pursue only their national interest, not abstractions based on
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Unformatted text preview: wishful thinking. 9. People cannot restrain their desire for power; they will pursue their own interests over any common good. II. 2 nd Voice: St. Augustine (354-430 AD) A. After the sack of Rome, he became involved in secular politics. B. His book: “City of God”; the ideal is found only in Heaven C. humankind is caught in a continuous cycle of sin, forgiveness, shame, guild and further sin. D. life is fragile, precarious and filled with violence and evil E. called “Christian pessimism” F. Influenced theologian Reinhold Niebuhr; key figure in US Cold War policy G. War is ok for protection, not ok for power H. the state is good only in heaven; be wary of all rulers but obey the laws and the rules I. little chance for peace and harmony in the world; we cannon create a world community J. Manichaeism- dualism of the conflict between good and evil...
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IR 210 Session 31 - wishful thinking 9 People cannot...

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