IR 210 Session 9

IR 210 Session 9 - e money laundering D Economic...

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IR Lecture Notes Session IX Learning Objectives: -controversies in the economic world -the political-military world !!!!Critical question: How is the state shaped by globalization? (three defining activities of a state) A. Economic World 1. Global economy and the virtual corporation a. pushed by search for the LCD (lowest common denominator) and the outsourcing of production, distribution and services accounting, customer service and medical diagnostics. B. Controversies or critical issues in the economic world 1. persistence of global poverty- structural violence 2. governance- maintaining the institutions that control- WB, IMF, etc. a. how to make the system more equitable, transparent, and less predatory b. pushed by NGOs and TSMOs- global social justice C. Outlaw economics and criminal networks 1. “5 Wars of Globalization” a. drug trade
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b. weapon sales c. intellectual property rights d. trafficking of people
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Unformatted text preview: e. money laundering D. Economic nationalism; domestic politics preventing free trade E. Race to the bottom (LCD) hurts the environment II. Political World A. How do you manage a system with our 190 independent states? B. rise of ethnonationalism and globalization forces: “fragmegration” 1. centrifugal move away from the state to superstates 2. centripetal breaking up into smaller states !!!!!! Is sovereignty obsolete? (use 3 worldviews) C. The nature of the International System 1. Lieber’s Three Conditions a. anarchy: self-help and security dilemma b. constraint: forman and informal treaties c. search for order i. hegemony ii. regimes iii. world government iv. BOPO v. world federation d. English School: international security i. system is anarchic, but we DO have an international society. Not as anarchic as realists say. e. Westphalian systems and its tradition...
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IR 210 Session 9 - e money laundering D Economic...

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