IR 210 Session 16

IR 210 Session 16 - 1 there are more of them a 30,000...

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IR 210 10.3.07 Session XVI SOCIAL WORLD A. The social world is about the final “P” in DEPPP- participation B. TSMOs and TANs involve state and non-state actors 1. TSMOs= mode of collective action that may challenge dominant power structures a. seek to resolve global problems and maybe reform system of global governance b. larger than NGOs; NGOs are included in TSMOs c. have GINs 2. TANS= Networks of activists, distinguished largely by centrality of principled ideas or values. 3. NGOs are believed to be independent, altruistic, idealistic and progressive a. RINGOs= religious NGOs b. GRINGOs= government NGOs (sponsored by the government) c. BRINGOs= business NGOs d. PINGOs= public interest NGOs e. QUANGOs= Quasi-Autonomous f. BINGOs== big NGOs i. powerful and self-righteous
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ii. acting like large businesses iii. very political C. Why are these so important today?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. there are more of them a. 30,000 global NGOs 2. Increase in donations 3. New information and expertise needed D. Power of NGOs? 1. They partner with governments 2. Types of power NGOs use: a. Information Politics- they inform governments and they inform members b. Symbolic Politics- nobel peace prize, We Are the World c. Accountability Politics- follow-up on promises E. Controversies 1. Are these actors taking power away from the state? 2. Who watches the NGOs? Accountability and transparency 3. Codes of conduct 4. Centralize or decentralize? Grassroots or global? 5. Increasing involvement in politics- supporting specific political parties F. Global Civil Society (GCS): Self-organized intermediary groups that are relatively independent of both public authorities and private economic actors...
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  • Civil society, F. Global Civil Society, RINGOs= religious NGOs, GRINGOs= government NGOs, BRINGOs= business NGOs

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IR 210 Session 16 - 1 there are more of them a 30,000...

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