IR 210 Session 23

IR 210 Session 23 - a mirror image the enemy was the...

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IR Lecture Notes 10.19.07 Session XXIII MID-TERM: Puzzle: Rockwood What would be a good puzzle from Rockwood? Explanation? Hypothesis? -Why did the US not want to investigate human rights abuses when that’s why they went there in the first place? I. Level One Analysis: continued A. Review of Motivation theories: 1. need for power 2. need for affiliation 3. need for achievement B. Tool: Perceptions/ Images 1. Robert Jervis: a. images of world beliefs, stories, myths, stereotypes, misperceptions b. Images and perceptions; grooved thinking created by those who seek cognitive consistency; rigid beliefs. c. perceptions create an image of the world and of your place in that world 2. John Foster Dulles’ Image of the Enemy
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Unformatted text preview: a. mirror image: the enemy was the opposite of the “good guy” b. stereotypes and schemas C. Tool: Belief Systems and Operational Code *this is an area that Lamy does research 1. beliefs form an intellectual in/out basket 2. critical for information processing and deciding on priorities 3. a belief system is the same thing as a worldview 4. Operational code a. scientific research, as done by Leites and George on Bolsheviks. b. can be applied to a group of people or an individual; level one or level two c. Two dimensions: i. philosophical beliefs: view of the world of politics. ii. instrumental beliefs: approaches to realizing one’s goals...
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IR 210 Session 23 - a mirror image the enemy was the...

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