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IR 210 Session 42

IR 210 Session 42 - Act only according to a maxim by which...

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Today: Finish Kantian tradition WOMPers- modern day utopians Communitarianism: we have human rights Kantian Tradition (Not only Kant’s Ideas) -Abolish war- simply make it unattractive as a policy option/unthinkable -Costs of war push -cooperation, democratic peace argument- those with higher values will socialize others -Learning- education as a path to positive ends Men possess a moral capacity- can be taught to set aside self-interest -deal with anarchy- a federation of small republics -eliminate standing armies Fuels arms races, expensive, can be a negative force Increase in moral interdependence and moral freedom/ individual autonomy Citizens will never develop a loyalty to a world government; knowledge and experience leads to moral interdependence. States and systems should emphasize cosmopolitan rights rights of access, safe shelter, peaceful commerce Enlightenment- humankind as problem-solvers Duty to explore utopian ideas Major contribution: categorical imperative
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Unformatted text preview: Act only according to a maxim by which you can at the same time will that it shall become a general or universal law. Another focus- moral freedom The right to be treated and the duty to treat others as ethical subjects-Human security must be a part of national security-Foreign policy not just about survival of the state- protection of basic rights and provision of basic human needs-Globalization not just about trade but about the spread of ethical ideas Foundational voices: Marx and Engels, William Morris and V.I. Lenin WORLD ORDER MODELS PROJECT (check your study sheets, online)-“Modern day Kantians”-formed in 1966, first meeting in India in 1969-wanted to create a similar global movement to those that ended slavery and colonialism- rid world of war and poverty-Three goals:-describe present conditions-design preferred futures-map a way to a better future-humane governance-The problem is the state system-we must move to human centrism...
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