IR 210 Session 8

IR 210 Session 8 - 3. LIEO Argument: Poverty is bad for...

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IR Lecture Notes Session VIII I. A. Economic Belief Systems (Robert Giplin) Review 1. SM: Liberalism, Neomercantalism 2. SR: Liberalism (Social Democracy) 3. ST: Marxist/ Utopian, Socialists II. Economic Actors A. Variety or informal organizations and conferences 1. G8, G20, Cairns group B. Agencies within the UN 1. UNESCO, UNICEF C. Rule Makers: 1. Creators of the Brennon Woods System (US And Europe, now G8 and EU, Japan) D. Near Leaders: 1. China, Russia, India, Brazil and OPEC E. Potential Regional Leaders: 1. South Korea, Australia, South Africa and Eastern Europe F. Left Behind: 1. The South-most of the developing world
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Typical US Citizen Question: A. Why care about the poor? 1. Humanitarian 2. Cold War Argument: We told them that democracy will help them
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Unformatted text preview: 3. LIEO Argument: Poverty is bad for business! Market needs to work. 4. Empire Argument: get them on our team! Global Institutions- Economic Governance A. IMF 1. Currency and exchange stability 2. Uses structural adjustment policies B. The World Bank 1. International Development Agency 2. Brings together different actors (private and public) to put together loans. C. World Trade Organization D. Other: EU, OECD, African Union, OAS, APEC, NAFTA E. African Union 1. goals are peace, security, stability first, and then economic development a. main issues are poverty, famine and disease F. G-77: union of 133 poor countries; tries to show the poor are getting left behind...
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IR 210 Session 8 - 3. LIEO Argument: Poverty is bad for...

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