IR 210 Session 7

IR 210 Session 7 - b. New International Economic Order was...

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IR Lecture Notes 9.12.07 Session VII Learning objectives: -Economic world issues and controversies I. Actors A. linked to belief systems 1. Liberalism; Capitalism a. Liberal International Economic Order b. “Washington Consensus”: belief US has formed LIEO 2. Socialism/ Social Democracy a. Ensure that no one is unfairly disadvantaged or advantaged. b. safety net w/ small holes c. challenged by the LIEO i. governments of social democracy persuasion are forced to sell off parastatals (state owned enterprises) 3. Marxist/ Neomarxist a. includes some NGOs and think tanks, but there aren’t really any states with this ideology.
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Unformatted text preview: b. New International Economic Order was a group of small states that tried to use this ideology to revamp the international system, but they failed. 4. Self-Reliance/ Autarky a. pretty much non-existent except in small regions within states. II. Issues A. Biggest economic problem is a political one: protectionist policies and subsidies B. Rise of neomercantilism and economic nationalism C. Neoliberal reaction to globalization: a. spectrum, ranging from integration to separation b. two main reactions: i. tough; let them deal with it ii. safety net (social democrats)...
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IR 210 Session 7 - b. New International Economic Order was...

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