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IR 210 Session 3 - 1. Controllers: want the US to lead...

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IR 210 8.30.07 Session III We do not react to reality. Instead, we react to our image of reality Ken Bouldin The mind is a belief seeking device rather than a fact seeking device A. Goals of the worldviews 1. System maintainer: stability through strength and capitalism 2. System reformer: global governance, human security, multilateralism 3. rethink global structure B. What are the three policy belief systems in Washington policy debates?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Controllers: want the US to lead global agenda. 2. Shapers: multilateralists. Want to be involved in international system. 3. Abstainers: dont want to get too involved. C. Meades 4 traditions: 1. Hamiltonians: economy is most important 2. Jacksonians: strong military presence around the world 3. Jeffersonians: strength at home; domestic issues are most important 4. Wilsonians: internationalism...
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