IR 210 Session 28

IR 210 Session 28 - IR Lecture Notes 10.31.07 Session...

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IR Lecture Notes 10.31.07 Session XXXIII Review today: 2-3 GFS 118 Review tomorrow: Behind Bovard outside, Associates Park Learning Objectives: -Finish Level III -Level IV I. Level III A. Tool: International Obligations 1. Formal treaties, alliances 2. Informal traditions, cultural connections, kinship 3. Ethical norms 4. Example Hypotheses for 3 rd Level: a. –more tight alliance structure less chance for independent FOPO b. more system is governed by formal treaties, greater chance for cooperation c. greater the sense of community among global powers, more chance for reciprocity in interactions B. Tool: Regimes; Governing Arrangements 1. govern in specific policy areas; activities range from cooperative research to
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regulation. 2. generally deal with low politics 3. regimes usually governed by an international commission or authority. 4. maintained by states and IOs and ROs 5. The difference between system maintainers, reformers, and transformers is the amount of sovereignty states are willing to share. 6. Example hypotheses:
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IR 210 Session 28 - IR Lecture Notes 10.31.07 Session...

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