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IR 210 Session 5

IR 210 Session 5 - extract transform distribute and consume...

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IR Lecture Notes 9.7.07 Session V Learning Objectives: -Lessons from Rockwood -Michael Mann’s networks of power/ Lamy’s four worlds I. Lessons from Rockwood A. Human Interest vs. National Interest B. Citizen Rights vs. Human Rights (universal vs. particularistic goals) C. Sovereignty vs. Global Commons D. State Responsibility vs. Global Responsibility (responsibility to protect) II. The Four Worlds/ Four Policy Areas A. Michael Mann’s networks of power (transnational source of power 1. Types of Power: a. Ideological power: control over ideas and meanings b. Economic power: control the market and the means by which we
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Unformatted text preview: extract, transform, distribute and consume goods, services and natural resources c. Military power: social organization of physical defense of a society for defensive and offensive purposes d. Political power: power of the state and control over governance 2. Together these are used in what he calls “geopolitical diplomacy” 3. This is how we categorize countries into major, middle, or minor powers B. Lamy’s Four Worlds????? I don’t know what these are. 1. Economic 2. Political-Military 3. Social/ Global Civil Society a. Social movements, NGOs 4. Cultural...
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