Lecture Notes 10.11.07

Lecture Notes 10.11.07 - accomplishing them •...

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Urban Runoff 11/10/2007 19:09:00 Point vs. Non-Point Pollution Point solution: have a definitive source. We know exactly who/what is to  blame for pollution Non-Point solution: pollution has no obvious source. ie, runoff, waste Ways to Deal With Runoff (and other environmental issues) Command and Control o regional board gives directions to city governments.  o board specifies goals, local governments responsible for 
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Unformatted text preview: accomplishing them. • Cost-Benefit Analysis o weighing the pros and cons o at the least, this can save money by finding the most cost-effective means of meeting regulatory expectations. • Market-Driven o market automatically creates a response o ex.: emissions trading permit for air pollution; left-overs can be sold to other companies which over-use permits 11/10/2007 19:09:00 ← 11/10/2007 19:09:00 ←...
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Lecture Notes 10.11.07 - accomplishing them •...

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