Notes 15 - Notes 15 2.7 civilian federal workers, 1.4...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes 15 2.7 civilian federal workers, 1.4 million uniformed military personnel, $2 trillion in spending Bureaucratic agencies reflect how our political system has tried to identify our most important national goals and how policies are implemented Many people think bureaucracy is too big, yet take some services for granted Bureaucracys chief characteristics are continuity, predictability, impartiality, standard operating procedures, and the inevitable red tape Many think their lives are overregulated Bureaucrats career government employees; work in the 14 cabinet-level departments, and in the more than 50 independent agencies embracing about 2000 bureaus, divisions, branches, offices, services, and other subunits of government Give biggest agencies: Departments of the Army, the Nay and the Air Force, the Department of veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Postal Services Bureaucracy typically refers to the whole body of nonelected and nonappointed government officials in the executive branch who work for presidents and their political appointees o Public or private organizations that are hierarchical in structure Spoils system system of public employment based on rewarding party loyalists and friends Merit system a system in which selection and employment depend on demonstrated...
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Notes 15 - Notes 15 2.7 civilian federal workers, 1.4...

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