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Notes constitution - Notes Constitution Preamble Rationale...

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Notes: Constitution Preamble Rationale behind the Constitution Article I – Legislative Article Section 1 – Legislative Power o Senate and House Section 2 – House of Representative: Composition; Qualification; Apportionment; Impeachment Power o Chosen every 2 years o 25 years old; 7 years a citizen; inhabitant of place to represent o Based on population o States job to fill vacancies o Choose speaker; can impeach Section 3 – Senate Composition: Qualifications, Impeachment Trials o Each state 2 senators, each one vote in senate, chosen by legislature for 6 years o Change a third of Senate every 2 years, Legislature of state appoints replacements o 35 years, 9 years citizen, reside in place of representation o Vice president prides over senate, casts vote if tie o Can appoint temporary Senate president in absence of vice president o Senate tries impeachments, 2/3 to convict Section 4 – Congressional Elections; Times, Place, Manner o Sates may regulate time, place and manner, and congress may amend regulations except for those concerting the place of choosing o Congress must meet first Monday of December Section 5 – Powers and Duties of the House o Can judge elections and qualification of own members o A quorum is required to do business, a smaller number can adjourn the House or compel members to attend o Each house determines own rules, 2/3 vote to expel member, keep journal o Neither House may adjourn without consent of other for more than 3 days Section 6 – Rights of Members o Determine own compensation, speeches are not questioned o Cannot take other political positions until term is over Section 7 – Legislative Powers: Bills and Resolutions o Revenue bills from House, Senate may amend o President must sign to become law. If veto, then 2/3 of both houses to overturn. If not sign within 10 days, becomes law o Same for every order, resolution, or vote that requires presidents approval Section 8 – Powers of Congress o Can lay and collect uniform taxes o Borrow money o Regulate commerce o Establish rule of naturalization and bankruptcies
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o Coin money and regulate value o Provide punishment of counterfeiting o Post office and post roads o Patents o Create lower courts o Define and punish piracies and felonies committed on high seas and offenses against the law of nations o Declare war o Raise army o Maintain a navy o Make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces o Provide for calling for militia to execute laws of the union
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Notes constitution - Notes Constitution Preamble Rationale...

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