Notes 11 - Notes 11 435 House seats House all every 2...

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Notes 11 435 House seats House – all every 2 years; 25 years old; 7 years citizen Senate – 1/3 every 2 years (6 years terms); 30 years old; 9 years citizen Safe seat – one that is predictably won Reapportionment – the assigning by Congress of congressional seats after each census. State legislatures reapportion state legislative districts Redistricting – the redrawing of congressional and other legislative district lines following the census, to accommodate population shifts and keep districts as equal as possible in population Gerrymandering – the drawing of election district boundaries to benefit a party, groups, or incumbent Baker v Carr – voters have the right to challenge how state legislatures allocate legislative seats Bicameral legislature Two houses are now pretty similar today after the 17 th amendment (direct election of Senators) Senate confirms appointment, approves treaties with 2/3 Presidential power is growing House o Ordinary rule suspended by 2/3 o Immediate action taken by unanimous consent o Committee of the whole – House is able to operate more informally and quickly than under its regular rules Quorum – requires only 100 members o Speaker – presiding officer in the House; formally elected by House buy actually selected by majority party Third in line of succession to the presidency; highest-ranking member of Congress Newt Gingrich – corrupt Dennis Hastert – low key o Majority leader the legislative leader selected by the majority party, who helps plan part strategy, confers with other party leaders, and tries to keep members of the party in line o Minority leader – legislative leader selected by the minority party as spokesperson for the opposition o Whip – party leader who is the liaison between the leadership and the rand-and-file in the legislature o Party caucus – meeting of party members in a chamber of the legislature to select the party leadership in that chamber and to develop party policy. Called a conference by Republicans o House, unlike the Senate, has a Rules Committee that regulates the time of floor debate for each bill and sets limitations on floor amendments
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Closed rule – prohibits amendments altogether or provides that only members
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Notes 11 - Notes 11 435 House seats House all every 2...

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