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1 OPIM101 Spring 2008 Group Assignment 3: Decision Trees and Access and Excel v. VBA Due: Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 5PM This Group Assignment has two unrelated elements. The first part revisits GA1 to address decision trees in the context of "The Omnivore's Dilemma," corn production, and ethanol manufacturing. The second part focuses on database queries but does so in a way that combines Access and Excel via VBA. This second part will revisit selected elements of GA2. Specifically, you will use database queries in the form of SQL to "select socks" (GA2 Part 3), to find the S&P Returns (GA2 Part 1 and 4), and to get the adjusted prices for the stocks in your portfolio (GA2 Part 2 and 4). You may wish to refer to your own work (or that of the model solution), but you need not know anything about the VBA in GA2 in order to complete GA3. Instructions: GA3 must be completed in groups of 2-3. If you need to find a new group, use the webCafe discussion board as soon as the assignment is posted. Do not wait until the assignment is due and ask to submit the assignment alone. Collaboration between groups is strictly prohibited. Your solutions should be submitted as an Excel file. Please follow the following naming convention: Make a list of each teammate with last name (surname) in row 3 and first name in row 2 on the Cover Sheet worksheet of your excel file starting in column B. List names in alphabetical order by last name. In row 4, type the corresponding PennID numbers for each group member. Your PennID numbers are the middle eight digits on your PennCard. Note that your assumptions in the assignment are unique to these PennID numbers. Therefore, different groups will start out with different assumptions and inevitably have different answers. Row 5 must contain your respective email addresses. Your file should be named “GA3”(no white space between the initials GA and the number 3 . Then, separating each word by an underscore “_”, list the members of your team in alphabetical order by last name. For the example list above, the filename should be: GA3_Leno_Jay_Letterman_David_Winfrey_Oprah. Please use the names printed on your PENNID card. 5 points will be deducted straight away if this naming convention is not followed. Turn in your solution to Group Assignment 3 by sending the Excel file as an attachment to . In the Subject line of your email message, you should type the name of your file attachment (e.g. if you and your teammates were named Jay Leno, David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey, your Subject line
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2 should read: “GA3_Leno_Jay_Letterman_David_Winfrey_Oprah”. Be sure to cc yourself and your group members on the email to ensure that your mail has been sent properly. Check the message that you cc to yourself to ensure that your assignment is attached and that the attached file is the correct version of your file. Save your copy of the message with the attached assignment in the event of problems in processing your
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GA3_Instructions_Spr08 - OPIM101 Spring 2008 Group...

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