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1 Chapter 6 Proteins: 3 dimensional structure 2° structure: local spatial arrangement of a polypeptide’s backbone atoms without regard to the conformations of its side chain 3° structure: 3-D structure of an entire polypeptide 4° structure: spatial arrangement of a protein’s subunits Secondary structure: peptide groups assume trans/cis conformations  helix α pitch 5.4 Ǻ C=O bond points along helix axis toward N-H group        (nth)                                                 (n + 4)th
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Unformatted text preview: В pleated sheet antiparallel H-bonded polypeptide chains run in opposite directions parallel H-bonded chains extend in same direction Fibrous proteins keratin α unreactive/durable protein pitch 5.1 Ǻ 2 keratin polypeptides, each of which forms “coiled coil” structure α Silk Fibroin - AВ sheet Collagen A triple helix...
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