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Suzanne Harper- Lynching - Suzanne Harper:...

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Suzanne Harper: “Transforming Visions: Looking at Lynching through a Gendered Lens” Group #1 1. Why was there an increase in white masculine anxiety, according to Harper? a. What is the time period? Region of the country ? Deep South; after Civil War(1861-1865) prior after reconstruction Crop prices effected lynchings- prosperous-less lynching- economic pressure b. What was the group affected by masculine anxiety? How does this group compare to the group that Hantover discusses? Anxiety from loss in civil war; felt threatened by black men need to control sexuallity c. What was seen as the solution?- reaffirms status by emasculating BLK m. 9effects BLK W too) 2. How was masculinity defined at this time? What were the various elements or dimensions of masculinity? White poor/working class southern men; protection of white women’s purity; breadwinner role; notion of dominance; sexual prowess protect family/honor provide economically physically mobile independent 3. Why is it that white men lynched black men? White men made sure they weren’t inferior sexually/economically 4. How did lynching reinforce hegemonic masculinity? In answer, lay out the hierarchy of various racial, economic and gendered groups (top to bottom in terms of power) that were reinforced by lynching according to Harper. Each transcends economic lines; white dominant race regardless of econ. status White Men White Women Black women- used to prop up dimension of mas.; not threat product. Mem. of society Black Men- lazy; treat to whiteness- white men/women femin. And masculine. Group #2 1. How did lynching control black men’s sexuality directly? the sexuality of the individual black man who was assaulted (sexual assault) Castration/lynching perceived them as hypersexual
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2. How did lynching control black men’s sexuality indirectly? “the sexual terrorism of lynching and the ideology which surrounded it worked to control the sexuality of all Black men, and maintain the hegemony of white men”(8). Whites have more power; unfettered access to black women Black men afraid to pursue white women b/c of women Lynching was to control the sexuality of all black men; afraid to express sexuality period (emasculate them (pg. 7 rape) 3. How did lynching reaffirm or validate white men’s masculinity? “Lynching demonstrates and affirms the dominance, and hence masculinity, of one group of men
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Suzanne Harper- Lynching - Suzanne Harper:...

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