362 midterm - English 362 Women in the Medieval World...

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English 362 Women in the Medieval World Spring 2008 Midterm Exam H. McBee Listed below are 8 passages from the works we have read so far this semester. Select 3 of them and then discuss the significance of each one. Each of your selections must be from a different text. Approach this exam as if you were writing a paper, but limit your time to 2-4 hrs for the exam. To do this you will need to offer up an interpretation based on a close reading of the passage. You can consider how the passage fits with the overall meaning(s) of the work; how language and style work within the passage; or how the passage relates to various social, political, cultural ideas of the time. Any of those options is fine. Your answer should be a focused argument and not a list of several ways the passage is significant. I want to know what you think, so any interpretation that is validly argued will be an acceptable answer. Bear in mind that acceptable answers do not constitute an “A” on the exam. DO NOT merely “translate” the passages into current English prose or offer up a “plot summary.” Make sure you are clear as to which passages you selected. Each answer should be about 1-page, typed, double-spaced. Your answers are due by 12:15pm on Thursday, March 13 th . You can turn in a hard copy to me at my office (6133 HC White Hall) or via email. If you email me your exam, make sure it is in doc format and NOT docx. I will email you back to tell you if I received your exam. DO NOT assume I have your exam until I email you back. If you have questions, please email me at [email protected] GOOD LUCK! 1. “…Thou didst put thy trust in the Eternal God sitting in glory, the Lord of mankind, as I establish my hope upon my father, the ruler of the dwellers in hell; and when I am sent forth against the righteous man, that in evil deeds I may pervert his heart and turn his soul from salvation, at times through
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362 midterm - English 362 Women in the Medieval World...

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