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BIOTERROR - 1340 – catapulting dead/diseased bodies at the castle of Thun L’Eveque in Hainault, N. France - 1346 – Siege of Caffa : Tartars catapulted plague-infested bodies over Caffa’s walls residents inside fled carrying the disease to Italy dissemination of plague across Europe - 1422 – Karlstein, Bohemia: catapulted decaying bodies over castle walls - North America: British spread smallpox to Native Americans , Mayans , etc. via blankets - WWI: Germans infected livestock w/ glanders and anthrax (easily-transmissible to humans) via injection / contaminated feed and shipped them to Allies from neutral countries - 1936: (WWII) Japanese tested anthrax/cholera/typhoid/plague on humans (Chinese), killed up to 10,000 - 1940: (WWII) Japanese dropped paper bags (buoyancy) w/ plague-infested fleas via airplane - Fort Detrick: level 3-4 high-security labs that study pathogens – plague, anthrax, etc. - 1969: (Cold War) President Nixon declared US must unilaterally renounce biol. Weapons
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