1.29.07 - Learning and Motivation A Functionalism a Got...

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Learning and Motivation (1/29/07) A. Functionalism a. Got people interested in studying human behavior b. Failed because they couldn’t advance the field i Assigned everything as instincts Anthropologists traveled and saw other tribes and found that what we thought were instincts were not c. Watson and Morgan experiment i What behaviors to infants instinctively do? ii Three true instinctive behaviors Fear Anger/Rage Love (need for affection) d. After this finding, people shifted to the other extreme B. Behaviorism a. Said we learn everything, no instincts b. Some extremists have gone as far to say that the mind does not exist c. Today, focus on how environment shapes our behaviors i Accept some born dispositions, other outlying sources, and things dealing with other areas of psychology C. Introduction a. Stimulus-Response Relationships i Instrumental operant conditioning (what we did in lab) ii Stimulus=environment iii Response=behavior (stimulus consequence) Learn that the next time you do this behavior, the reward will appear again iv Consequence strengthens or weakens b. Stimulus-Stimulus Relationship i Classical conditioning ii Learning what’s going to happen next in environment not behavior How to predict or expect next iii No consequences iv Behave when have an expectation but behavior doesn’t change outcome Blowing balloon, scrunch up face when think it’s going to pop but that behavior doesn’t stop it from popping v Ivan John B. Watson vi Pavlov “Father” of classical conditioning
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1.29.07 - Learning and Motivation A Functionalism a Got...

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