2.12.07 - Learning and Motivation (2/12/07) (Continued...

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Learning and Motivation (2/12/07) (Continued 2/19/07) Outline I. MULTIPLE STIMULUS PRESENTATIONS A. Stimulus Independently Conditioned - No US with Compound 1. Excitor plus inhibitor 2. Excitor plus novel stimulus 3. Excitor plus excitor B. Stimulus Independently Conditioned - US Present with Compound 1. Excitor + novel stimulus o Light=exciter; Tone=novel stimulus; with US o Decrease in CR external inhibition o With each trial, reaction gets less and less o 50 trials later… o Light alone=same conditioned response seen the whole time o Tone alone=nothing occurs o Blocking effect -Leon Kaymen o Lack of attention to novel stimulus after initial distraction; trained to focus on trained excitor o The excitor blocks the new learning because it already knows what to expect o Allen Wagner -if animals were hearing and seeing stimuli, then that’s not the explanation for blocking The tone provides no new information about environment o Kaymen rebuttal with The US is not a surprising effect 2. Inhibitor + novel stimulus
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2.12.07 - Learning and Motivation (2/12/07) (Continued...

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