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Dr. Karina V. Assiter 2f731c0953f7350bd6dc5c0104c0fa8596f598fd.doc 5/13/2009 Wentworth Institute of Technology Object Oriented Programming Due: September 22, 2003 Topics: 1. Introduction to classes and methods in Java 2. Flow of control Instructions 1. Read chapter 3 and section 4.1 in chapter 4 2. Design a class BaseballPlayer using the same steps as the SpeciesFirstTry example in chapter 4: a. First express as an outline i. What data fields for a baseball player? (ie, name, date of birth, position, etc,…) ii. What are the methods for your BaseballPlayer class? Be sure to include a method readInput for reading in a player and a method writeOutput for displaying the player information b. Express as UML diagram c. Finally, write the class definition in Java. 3. Write a BaseballPlayerDemo
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Unformatted text preview: class for testing your BaseballPlayer class. a. In a loop that continues until the user indicates that they would like to stop i. Read in a player ii. Display the player information iii. Increment a counter for each player b. Print the number of players entered Submitting your work: 1. Make sure that your name is in your project files. 2. If you have more than one file, make .zip files of your project(s) 3. Send your .zip file as an attachment to [email protected] with the assignment number as the title a. Be sure to include your name in the email body if you have an obscure email address (i.e., if I cannot determine who you are from your username _________________________________________________________________...
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