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1st eval 4 - material world Meanwhile in scene 2 some of...

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Richard Stupple COR 103: Music and Culture, 10:30 February 13 th 2008 Create a one-page synopsis of " Ordo Virtutum ". Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum is a polyphonic musical play that was written in the 12 th century, during the height of medieval culture. Essentially, the major character, Anima, who symbolizes a human soul, is struggling with the forces of the Devil and the will of her friends, the Virtues. The story begins with the prologue, in which the Virtues introduce themselves to the Patriarchs and Prophets, who are in awe of the Virtues’ radiant look. Scene one then sees the first appearance of Anima, who is among other despondent souls who are inside human bodies, yet she seems happy and ready to go to Heaven. However, the Virtues remind her that she must live first, and as Anima realizes what they are saying, the Devil appears and coaxes her into entering the
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Unformatted text preview: material world. Meanwhile, in scene 2, some of the Virtues introduce themselves, including Humility, Mercy, Victory, Discretion, and Patience, and tell the audience what they each represent in God’s world. Then Anima returns in scene 3, realizing her sin of trying to skip living life, and she reaches out to each of the Virtues while the Devil continues to attempt to take Anima back. As more and more of the Virtues introduce themselves in scene 4, the Devil abuses each one of them, and thus the Virtues decide to accept Anima back and bind the Devil. The piece closes with a praising of God by both the Virtues and the Souls (including Anima), and a short ceremony intended to show how God can help a human soul in its struggle with forces such as the Devil....
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