3.19.07 - Learning and Motivation (3/19/07) Response...

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Learning and Motivation (3/19/07) Response Contingencies and Schedules of Reinforcement (Rf) Objectives : Terms and concepts to learn responses on different Rf schedules post-reinforcement pause concurrent-chain schedule of Rf procrastination preference or choice behavior scalloping effect response-rate schedules limited hold relative rate of Rf matching law relative rate of responding SCHEDULES OF REINFORCEMENT Schedules of reinforcement is a program or rule that determines how and when followed by reinforcer Can be used in any of the four procedures Affects both learning and performance Extinction is also affected by types of schedule Continuous vs. Partial Continuous schedule Every time the behavior occurs, one reward is given Everything else is partial Simplest to use to train new behavior Don’t have to keep track of time or amounts of behaviors The more you build the behavior with the reward, the more the subject expects it then gets upset when doesn’t get it Don’t ever keep subject on this for too long Get the behavior started and then switch as soon as possible to partial
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3.19.07 - Learning and Motivation (3/19/07) Response...

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