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Danielle Zartman Josh Fetterman Wed. 3PM Lab Summary 3 – Schedules of Reinforcement PART 1 1. a. Enhanced resistance to extinction means that the subject responds to the extinction more than it would if it had been continuously reinforced. The subject does this because it is used to having to wait a period of time before it is reinforced so it continues to respond during extinction hoping that the reinforcement is coming. b. Partial reinforcement is a schedule that generally enhances resistance to extinction. We used fixed and variable ratios which are subtypes of partial reinforcement. c. Variable ratio is the schedule that is predicted to create more resistance to extinction. The subject is not used to how long it will be before it is reinforced so during extinction it just keeps going hoping that the reinforcement is coming. 2. a. FR-25 is a fixed ratio with the reinforcement after every 25 responses and the VR-25 is a variable ratio where the subject much respond ON AVERAGE 25 times before it is
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course PSY 0405 taught by Professor Kristinaswanenburg during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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