Billy Budd Heart Of Darkness

Billy Budd Heart Of Darkness - John Wade Ms Pamela Horn...

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John Wade Ms. Pamela Horn ENGL 2210 July 25, 2007 A Comparison of Narrators In Melville’s, Billy Budd , and Marlow’s, Heart of Darkness , the narrators play a key role in the development of their respective tales. Though two separate authors developed these narrators, they have more similarities then their just anonymity, and they also have unique characteristics, which set them apart from each other. As each narrator develops his story, the reader begins to notice that one narrator provides insights and information about other characters, whereas the other narrator is rarely present in his story. A change in attitude or morals is also seen in each story from its respective narrator. Though these novels were written by different authors, and published twenty years apart, the character that is the narrator plays a distinctive role in their particular narratives. The anonymity of each respective narrator adds uniqueness to the stories in which they tell. The narrator in Heart of Darkness is an unidentified man, on the deck of the Nellies, a vessel that is anchored to a dock on the Thames River. Our anonymous guide tells the story of the Heart of Darkness as a recounting of the recollection that he personally heard from Marlow. The raconteur’s identity is never revealed to the reader simply because Conrad only intended for him to set up the frame story and bring his own morals, values, and thoughts on society to the tale. The nameless chronicler from Billy Budd seems to serve a greater and more
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Wade 2 important role to the development of Billy’s story than the narrator of Marlow’s tale. This indistinguishable storyteller never develops as a character in the story, and it is not
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Billy Budd Heart Of Darkness - John Wade Ms Pamela Horn...

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