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Department of Management Operations Management Module Professor Will O’Brien GB-301, Fall 2007 Office: AAC 333 Sections # 014, EB2, EB3 Tel: 978-897-4562 [email protected] Quiz #2 Guide ════════════════════════════════════════ Topics to be covered: o Business Process Re-engineering – A Consolidated Methodology (article on Bb) Change Management: o “Leading Change…” by John P. Kotter (article on Bb) o Transformational Leadership (PPT on Bb) Business Sustainability: o “Leading Change toward Sustainability” by Bob Doppelt (on Bb) o “Going Green is Good Business” by Robert Reisch (on Bb) o Overview of “Triple Bottom Line” (on Bb) o Sustainability – Declaration of Leadership (on Bb) Basic Concepts (you need to understand what each of these terms means): 1. Sustainability 2. Change Management 3. Business Process Re-engineering 4. Triple Bottom Line 5. Sustainability Declaration of Leadership 6. Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb (CLF) 7. John P. Kotter’s “ 8 Step” process 8. Capacity 9. Agile Manufacturing 10. Modularization 11. Bottleneck 12. Service Blueprint 13. Benchmarking 14. Michael M. Hammer, PhD
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15.Leadership: A. Establishes direction B. Aligns people C. Motivates and inspires D. Produces change, often to a dramatic degree E. All of the above 16.Reengineering- involves workflow modification only within an engineering department. A. True B. False 17.Change management - the discipline that deals primarily with the human aspect of change. A. True B. False 18. Guiding coalition the core of this group are the workers who resist required change. A. True B. False 19. Short-term wins – examples of success that serve as evidence that the change effort is worthwhile. A. True
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OM Quiz _2 Guide_rev.1 - Department of Management...

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