experiments - 1 These derelicts are worthless waste of life...

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1. These derelicts are worthless waste of life. They have no positive impact on the world and they have no friends or families. That being said, it is no problem for the neurosurgeon to experiment on these derelicts.The pleasure they are able to get from life is not nearly that of a regular person. The only pleasure these derelicts get usually comes from detrimental substances such as alcohol or drugs. The future must be considered in order to figure out how the greatest amount of utility could be achieved. At the present utility is not being gained, but once the neurosurgeon perfects the surgery a tremendous amount of utility will be gained. Think of it as an investment, you don't immediately get more money back but you expect a larger return down the road. When a normal person has a spinal injury it restricts them the rest of their life in many different ways. They lose their ability to enjoy their life to the full capacity. It also puts stress and strain on friends and family members. It also puts strain on the taxpayers. Spinal injuries usually result in paralysis which lead to high medical costs and funds that go to these people that can't work. Money also has to be spent to help accommodate these people so they can have access to things, for example wheelchair ramps and elevators. All these factors lead to a significant loss of utility. If the neurosurgeon's experimentation is able to fix the person after the injury, all of the utility that would have been lost is now restored. This utility definitely outweighs the utility lost
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experiments - 1 These derelicts are worthless waste of life...

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