INTS 1700 Midterm Study Guide

INTS 1700 Midterm Study Guide - INTS 1700 Midterm Study...

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INTS 1700 Midterm Study Guide Ch. 1: Exploring Twenty-First-Century World Politics Intro: 9/11, War in Iraq Globalization is remaking this century’s political and economic world Major turning points in world politics usually have occurred at the ends of major wars Emphasis has shifted from traditional military methods of exercising influence to economic means The proliferation of weapons technology has altered the damage that enemies can inflict on one another Changes in the types of actors (units), goals, and capabilities have dramatically altered the power ranking of states that define the structure of international politics Constancy and change Periodic sequences of events that occur that resemble patterns in earlier periods We live in a world defined by our expectations and images World politics can best be understood by first by separating into levels (levels of analysis) o Individual level of analysis Personal characteristics of humans o State level of analysis Authoritative decision-making units that govern states’ foreign policy processes o Global level of analysis Interactions of states and nonstate actors on the global stage Ch. 2: Theories of World Politics Intro: Thinking of yourself as the President about to give the State of Union address and thinking theoretically Paradigm – dominant way of looking at a particular subject The Hague peace conferences inspired hopes of peace in Europe and controlling arms Andrew Carnegie assumed that as industrialization progressed and the costs and risks of war increased, the chance of protracted war among the great powers
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INTS 1700 Midterm Study Guide - INTS 1700 Midterm Study...

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