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exam 2 history notes - Daoguang 1821 50 1836 Optionso Crack...

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Daoguang – 1821 – 50 - 1836 – Options- o Crack down on opium usage, o Legalization – Lin Xezu, against legalization – Order cracks down on “tools” of the opium trade. Argued that wind and the grass, the government cannot condone something harmful and profit from them. o Lin Xezu – Educates from the users to the dealers, cracks down on all levels, and gets to the big distributors. o May 1839 – 1600 drug dealers arrested, seized 35k lb’s of opium. And confiscated 43k, opium pipes, next month, 15k opium, and 35k pipes. o 1839 – 1842 – The opium war, Lord palmerston declares it. o Extraterritoriality – Use your own laws, British citizens declared in crimes in china, could be judged with British law, not Chinese laws. Taping U/prising 1851 – 1864 Hong Xiuquan – Canton Prefecture – 1836 – State exams – takes exams in the springs, and fails. - Led by Hong Xiuquan. o A military/social movement that sought to overthrow the qing + establish a “heavenly kingdom of great peace” (Taiping Tianguo) o Combined quasi-christian beliefs, + Communal vision o Spread from their base in Rural Guangxi + Captured Nanjing in 1853. Decide to change some of china’s morals, Hong Xiuquan believed that foreign powers were so sucesfull because they had different beliefs then the Chinese. - Foot binding, - Arranged marriage - Concubine - Opium - Taiping believe that a new society should be created, living a pure life through self deprivation and poverty, and share the land/wealth, etc. - British and American come to the help on Qing to deal with the Taiping Uprising, because they refer to the manchu’s as forign devils, and that’s one step away from calling the brits, French and American foreign devils. - Charles’s Chinese’s Gordon, famous for killing many Chinese, brit - Frederick Townsend ward, American, participated in crushing the uprising. - Estimated, 20million chinese died, from 1851-1864.
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Japan- Tokugawa Shogunate (1600-1868) - Economic problem – Agrarian based, rice – not sufficant enough to meet the needs of the samurai, or the needs of the common classes, whose standard of living is also increasing. - Commerce grows in japan, Aided by Alt. Attendance. - We see an increase in business entrepreneurs – merchant class becomes wealthier. - Samurai want a materialistic life but have an inability to pay for it, so they loan from the merchants, in return merchant buy their rights from samurai. - Daimyo – Great lords, Samurai - Retainers, Tokugawa period a period 200 yr w/out war. - Samurai becoming increasingly impoverished, selling own daughters into prostitution to pay bills. - Blurring of Class Distinction, and Social desideration. - Only option available to samurai was to engage in handcraft work. -
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exam 2 history notes - Daoguang 1821 50 1836 Optionso Crack...

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