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Luke Vinze 9-21-07 “I know Kung Fu,” said Keanu Reeves, the superhero of the movie The Matrix. After stepping out of the learning machine, he had been taught a lifetime of martial arts knowledge in less than thirty seconds. For the next two hours he kicked and punched his way to heroism, never saying more than 4 words at a time. This pop culture display is the first lesson of martial arts; how not to do it. The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a polar opposite of this exhibition. It is an art based on
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Unformatted text preview: harmony of ones body and spirit developed through years of practice. In fact, the word “Ai-ki-do” literally means harmony, spirit, and the way in Japanese. It is a non aggressive art that teaches no punches or kicks, but only the momentum of the attacker. No acts of aggression are every taken and every effort is made to assure the well being of the attacker....
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