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Final Exam Review Breach of contract and what it means (element of a contract) o Material breach vs. minor breach Utilitarianism (key values) Kant and deontological ethics – how must you act according to deontology Categorical imperative Types of sexual harassment Personal jurisdiction Employment (types of employment law) o Wage hour laws o At will employment o Wrongful discharge o Contract Types of slander, defamation, libel Venue – where a court case is going to be held in regards to where the crime was committed Contract – understand the ways a person can get out a contract (the defenses a person has) How a contract can be voided Protecting property and whether you can use deadly force – can you set up a trap in your house? How Colorado federal judges assume their roles In a criminal case, how is a crime committer convicted? – all jurors must vote accordingly to convict a criminal Different types of contracts What is contract novation? o
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Final exam review - Final Exam Review • • • • •...

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