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Study Guide Exam III Study Sheet 3

Study Guide Exam III Study Sheet 3 - 1 Be able to label a...

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1. Be able to label a kidney sectioned in the frontal plane. Be able to label the parts of the nephron. -See Diagram Renal Artery Renal Vein Cortex – Outer 1/3 of the kidney Medulla – Middle 1/3, pinkish, renal pyramids here Renal Pyramids – Found in medulla, renal columns divide these. Renal Columns – Separate renal pyramids, blood travels through these to cortex, Minor calseas Major calseas Ureaters Nephron – Key unit in kidney, 3 million nephrons in both kidneys, but you can get by with 1 million nephrons in both kidneys. Corticol nephrons – The glamerus of the nephrons is located in the cortex. Loops of Henley – Loops that travel down into the renal pyramids. Juxtra medullary – Next to the medulla, travel almost all the way to the renal pyramids. Parts of Nephron Affernt Arteriol Glomerulus Effient arteriol Capillary beds Nephron tubules Bowman’s capsule Proximal covulated tubule Loops of Henley-Ascending Loops of Henley-Descending Distal conmulated Collecting ducts 2. What are the three renal processes performed by the kidney in the formation of urine? 1. Glomerular filtration a. Bowman’s capsul 2. Tubular reabsorption a. When fluid and/or substances from nephrons & ultimately ends up in the blood. 3. Tubular secretion a. When a substance that was in the blood & ends up in the kidney tubule. Urine composition is determined by these three processes. Regulate fluid, pressure, blood, pH.
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3. What factors are responsible for glomerular filtration? What quantity of glomerular filtrate is formed each day? How much of this is reabsorbed? Kidneys receive about 20-22% of cardiac output Glomerular filtration rate: 125 mls/min 180L per day Or 45 gallons per day Typical urine output: 1.5-2.0 L per day 450 mls or .45L per day (DEHYDRATED) Factors responsible for glomular filtration
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Study Guide Exam III Study Sheet 3 - 1 Be able to label a...

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