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Luke's Portrait of Jesus

Luke's Portrait of Jesus - LUKE'S PORTRAIT OF JESUS In the...

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LUKE'S PORTRAIT OF JESUS: In the foregoing section we have already seen some remarkable things about Luke's portrait of Jesus -- e.g. Jesus brings salvation "upon all flesh," and has a particular concern for the poor, social outcasts and the oppressed (women, foreigners etc.) Let's go on to highlight a few other notable themes, recognizing that since Lk. is the most comprehensive gospel, he has also included most of the material we have already discussed in our examination of Mark and Matthew and their respective portraits of Jesus. I. JESUS IS A LIBERATOR: Lk. 4:16-30 (Aland, 31-32). This is a very important passage since it comes directly from Jesus (not narrative), and is unique to Lk. A "programmatic" passage II. JESUS IS A SAVIOR: Lk. 1:47 (Aland, 3); 2:11 (Aland, 8). Also implied in passages like: Lk. 7:50; 17:19; 19:9-10 III. JESUS IS LORD: This is Lk.'s most frequent title. Indeed, "Lord" would become one of (if not THE) primary ways in which Gentile Christians would speak of Jesus (Paul). The term can be used two ways: i) polite "voice"= "Sir" (called "the vocative use); ii) to connote authority e.g. YHWH
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