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MODELS OF JESUS: 1 1. As the incarnation of the second person of the blessed trinity (Word of God, logos ) 2. Mythological Christ 3. Jesus the Ethical Liberator 4. Jesus Human Face of God 5. Jesus, a man for others 6. Jesus, my personal Savior O. Grady offers seven criteria, by which we should evaluate Christological Models: 1. Does it have a firm basis in Scripture? 2. Is it compatible with Christian Tradition? 3. Does it help Christians in their efforts to believe in Jesus? 4. Does it direct believers to fulfill their mission as members of the Church?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Does it correspond to contemporary Christian religious experience? 6. Does it have . theological fruitfulness. -- provide solutions to theological questions, offer potential for theological development etc. 7. Does it foster a good sense of Christian theological anthropology? (Christology always involves theological anthropology) 1From John F. O. Grady, Models of Jesus (New York: Double Day, 1981)...
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