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THEL_352A_New Test Theol_JTyson_S07 - Religion and...

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Religion and Philosophy Department BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: Theology of the New Testament THEL-352 Spring Semester 2007 11:50-12:40 M-W-F Rm. Lib 303 Dr. John R. Tyson REQUIRED TEXTS: Aland, K. Synopsis of the Four Gospels (American Bible Society) Burridge, Richard A. Four Gospels: One Jesus? (Eerdmans) Hasel, Gerhard. NT Theology: Basic Issues (Eerdmans) Ladd, G.E. A Theology of the New Testament (2nd ed., Eerdmans) Ladd, G.E. The New Testament and Criticism (Erdmans) REQUIRED READING: Stendahl, Krister. "Biblical Theology," in The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible , ( IDB ) Vol. I, pp. 418-432. (reference) OTHER RESOURCES : From Jesus to Christ , Frontline, PBS Production. Several essays from this PBS documentary will be used as examples of modern methods in NT studies. The readings will be sent to you as e-mail attachment files (HTML). Or (if you want the graphics and pictures) they can be read on the PBS website at: They may also be posted on my web page. "The Gospel of Thomas" Homepage at: . This ‘home page’ provides the full text(s) of the gospel of Thomas as well as many scholarly links for studying it. Many of the standard Biblical Theologies of the NT have been placed on the library reserve shelf for use in this course. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THESE RESOURCES BE UTILIZED WHEN WRITING YOUR RESEARCH PAPERS. PURPOSE: To survey the NT teaching, as found in the synoptic, Pauline and Johannine traditions, and explore the significance of that teaching using the distinctive tools of Biblical Theology. COURSE REQUIREMENTS:
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course REL THEL 352 taught by Professor Tyson during the Spring '08 term at Houghton College.

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THEL_352A_New Test Theol_JTyson_S07 - Religion and...

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