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CHV Question - religious expression and theology The...

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QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION: OT THEOLOGY I. From House, (pp. 153-97) 1. What important theological themes emerge in the book of Numbers? 2. If you were to summarize the importance of the book of Numbers (theologically) what you you say? 3. What specific insights about YHWH emerge and are reiterated in Numbers? 4. What is idolatry in general and Baalism in particular so attractive & dangerous for Israel? II. From Tyson, ch. V “People of the Covenant” 1. What is a covenant? What sort of covenant does YHWH establish with Israel? 2. How does Israel’s “corporate personality” shape her life, faith,
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Unformatted text preview: religious expression and theology? The corporate society of Israel, and its corporate consciousness derives its existence from the fact of YHWH's covenant. In his fine little book, Corporate Personality in Ancient Israel , H. Wheeler Robinson delineated four founda tional themes which characterized 3. Why do so many OT Theologians look to “covenant” or a related theme as a suitable Theological center (Mitte) for doing OT Theology? What main OT themes readily connect with “covennant” ?...
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