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Tyler Dornenburg International Relationships Take-Home Essay Question 10/8/07 Which IR theory best describes the behavior of political leaders in the USA? Why? Throughout the history of the United States political leaders have traditionally taken steps to better the economic status of our country above anything else. Relationships with other countries are based around trade, and our domination of the international banking system (the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank) has consistently defined the way we are viewed by other various actors in the international system. Political scandals and agendas are unfailingly centered on obtaining resources or monetary rewards. Therefore, it is clear that the behavior of our political leaders can be defined by the radical IR theory through the state and international level of analysis. Radical IR theory is essentially an economic explanation of world politics; large dominant states exploit small, weak states for economic benefit creating an international
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Take home essay 1 - Tyler Dornenburg International...

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