The Anti-abortionists - Mackenzie Wintin Ms. Defore Eng....

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Mackenzie Wintin Ms. Defore Eng. 131.015 15 October 2007 Two Sides of the First Amendment We have all seen them on the news, we have all seen them pelting things at people walking into clinics, and we have all seen them voicing their conservative opinions freely on every given occasion. These people I am referring to are the Pro-Life protestors across the nation. Their ideas are self- explanatory in the name of their group, they are against abortion, plain and simple, cut and dry, abortion is wrong to these people and many others across the nation. So this being said I saw a very opportune time to learn more about these people. I just didn’t think it would be on a sidewalk between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. I saw this group of people while driving back home, coming through Jacksonville. This group was a long line of people, old and young, big and tall. I even spotted an eight-year-old holding a sign; yes an eight-year-old. They were holding up signs that read “HONK IF YOU’RE PRO-LIFE” and “ABORTION IS KILLING” you know the usual signs. My brother and I exchanged glances and like mind-readers he said let’s check it out. Now I am a very strict constitutionalist in that I believe in everyone’s right o freedom of speech, press, religion, and ideas, with that being said I evoked my 1 st amendment to turn around in a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot and talk to these people. The first person I encountered in this long, scattered line of people was an older woman named Martha, who grew up in Jacksonville and who was a brought up in a Southern Baptist household. I started out by asking her just some simple questions like “how long and often they come out here in front of a
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The Anti-abortionists - Mackenzie Wintin Ms. Defore Eng....

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