Anatomical Regions -- Corrections

Anatomical Regions -- Corrections - Department of...

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Department of Biological Sciences BIOSCI 202 — Anatomy and Physiology 1 Spring 2008 AJ Petto In-class assignment 1) Using the materials in your text book, identify the bodily regions indicated by the lines from the margin to the figures in the illustrations. a) Replace the text “Answer” in the text boxes with the regional labels. b) Be sure to label only the regions . Do NOT label individual anatomical features. 2) When you have completed this part of the assignment, indicate the locations that correspond to the following descriptions. Place a number on the figures where indicated by the description by dragging the numbered circles to the appropriate places on the diagram. 1. Ventromedial aspect of the trunk 2. Mediodistal aspect of the thigh 3. Inferolateral aspect of the abdomen 4. Dorsilateral aspect of the ankle 5. Proximolateral aspect of the forearm
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Anatomical Regions -- Corrections - Department of...

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