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Unformatted text preview: 11/26/07 Homework 1. Based on your reading in Chapter 5, what are the key “leadership questions” concerning the United Nations? The most obvious leadership question facing the United Nations today is who is leading the United Nations? The answer is clearly the United States; however, this current UN does not effectively adopt multilateralism. It becomes very difficult for one “superpower” to possess dominant power within a system that requires all voices and nations to be not only heard, but also listened to and recognized. Leadership questions transcend beyond structural leadership to entrepreneurial leadership within the UN as well. The question here becomes: how will leaders of the UN will diplomatic negotiating proficiencies to inspire collective action for the greater good of society? Such agents of change are seldom found in our society, and if any institution needs these leaders, it is certainly UN that could most benefit from such people. This is not to say that the UN is not comprised of leaders, but the UN needs these leaders to be able to work...
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