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Assignment 5.2 Water Sport Report OPTION A Directions:Your assignment is to practice treading water in a pool and participate in a swimming or water sport activity.Then answer the questions below. To Be Completed by Parent or Supervising Adult By typing my name below, I verify that (student name) ___________ian ryan__________ has participated in the following swimming or water activity: ___________swimming___________. Date of participation:12 2 2021 Specific location: YMCA __________Ian ryan______________ (type full name on line above to verify) Relationship to student: Best Friend Phone number:6412087802 Email address: idk To Be Completed by the Student How would you rate your swimming abilities on a scale from 1-10?1 = have rarely or never swam; 10 = competent in many swim strokes and environments.(1 point) 7
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