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english essay 2 for printing - Stephen pope Today, 10:28 PM...

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Stephen Todd Pope World literature II Doris Bremm 4/10/08 The Creative Style of Poe Edgar Allan Poe has long been known for his unusual writing styles. From his early works, to his latest, his narrative voice has been consistently unique from other authors of his time. This holds true in his short story “The Man of the Crowd”. In this essay I will show how Poe uses a mixture of narrative techniques to create a trademark mood that can only be found in Poe’s work. Poe begins his story by showing how, like some books, true secrets by nature keep themselves hidden. This makes the reader start wondering what the secret is that he is talking about. He leads the reader on, by showing that the most horrific crime can in theory be the easiest to cover up. This gives the reader an eerie sense of reality while reading the rest of the sentence. After the mood is set, Poe begins describing the setting. He lets the reader know that he is in a coffee shop in London, but cleverly hides the exact location by making it appear as though the manuscript has been damaged. This adds a little more mystery and realism to the story, by not giving too much information information to the reader. Poe gives just enough information to keep the reader satisfied, but not too much to make it seem unrealistic. Stephen pope Today, 12:20 AM Added Text Stephen pope Today, 12:10 AM Formatted: 2x Line Spacing + Times New Roman Stephen pope Today, 10:28 PM Added: Tab
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Pope 2 After Poe is finished creating the atmosphere, he then starts to use various techniques to
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english essay 2 for printing - Stephen pope Today, 10:28 PM...

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