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Todd Pope Pope 1 World Lit. 2 Doris Bremm 2/27/08 The Supernatural Presence, and it’s Many Roles in Literature The supernatural plays as many different roles in literature as there are types of literature available. The infinite flexibility of the supernatural gives the authors the ability to use it however they see fit in their work. It can be used to give depth to an interesting story. . It can be used to make political or social statements stronger .It can also be used to express the authors personal ideas of the world around them, as it does in the short satire “The Battle of the Books” by Jonathan Swift. Being set in St. James’s library, a place normally quiet and without action, Swift uses amazing technique to employ the supernatural to work for him. He has the books themselves go to battle against one another. A battle between the ancients and the moderns. Swift uses this supernatural battle as a way to reflect what is going on in the real world around him. At the turn of the 17th century, people were starting to argue about whether the ancient scholars had all of the knowledge they would ever need, or the scientific community had more understanding of the outside world around them. Swift has the books battling a physical supernatural battle, that is mimicking the social conflict between the scholars and the scientists at the time. I think he used this supernatural setting to represent, in a more exaggerated way, absurdity of either argument. He was showing
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supernatural - Todd Pope World Lit. 2 Doris Bremm 2/27/08...

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